Alpine Huts Glacier Hüetli

The ingredients

400 gBSCHÜSSIG Urschweizer Gletscher Hüetli
2 dlBSCHÜSSIG Organic Tomato Sauce
400 gCottage cheese
20 gButter
1 Sprig of fresh basil
Salt & Pepper

The preparation

Put 2-3l of fresh water on to boil for the pasta. When the water boils, add 1-1½ tbsp salt and then the BSCHÜSSIG Urschweizer Gletscher Hüetli and cook "Al Dente" according to the time indicated on the packaging (approx. 7-9 minutes). So that you don't miss the time, set the kitchen timer for the shorter time and try the consistency of the pasta from time to time. When it is done, drain the pasta and add a few knobs of butter or a little olive oil, if you like, and mix it in.

While the Gletscher Hüetli are cooking, heat up the BSCHÜSSIG BIO tomato sauce. Then add the cottage cheese and mix everything together, seasoning to taste.
Tip: If you like a lot of sauce, you can use the whole jar of BSCHÜSSIG Organic Tomato Sauce (330 g net). This way, you might have some left over at the end, which you can serve with a nice piece of bread...


Arrange the BSCHÜSSIG Urschweizer Gletscher Hüetli on warm plates and pour the sauce over them.
Wash the basil sprig and place 1-2 leaves on each plate as decoration.

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