BSCHÜSSIG expands in Coop Eastern Switzerland: Now in 70 more branches

It gives us great pleasure to share with you the latest development at BSCHÜSSIG: Our popular Swiss pasta is taking Eastern Switzerland by storm! From now on, you can find BSCHÜSSIG pasta not only in the Coop Megastore, but also in an additional 70 medium and large Coop supermarkets in the entire region of Eastern Switzerland.

This expansion not only shows our steady growth and the success of our brand, but also the growing trust and recognition we receive from our customers. It is a sign for us that our commitment to quality, taste and Swiss tradition is appreciated.

For all pasta lovers in Eastern Switzerland, this means even greater accessibility to our products. Whether you're looking for classic pasta or innovative new creations, you're sure to find your favourite BSCHÜSSIG pasta in the Coop shops near you.

So, next time you're shopping in your local Coop supermarket, look out for the BSCHÜSSIG shelf and let the Swiss pasta quality convince you!