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Simon Hofer

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BSCHÜSSIG pasta - A journey through tradition and innovation

Our history and commitment to quality set us apart and have enabled us to offer our valued customers premium pasta for over a century.

Our figures at a glance

  • Staff: 40 dedicated pasta enthusiasts
  • Annual turnover: A proud CHF 20 million
  • Production volume: An impressive 10,000 tonnes per year
  • Product forms: More than 120 different shapes, from pressings to cut-outs to nests and flädli

Our range of recipes is indeed extremely varied and we are proud to offer a wide selection of pasta products. We not only offer egg-free pasta, but also egg pasta with different egg contents to cater for the different preferences and dietary requirements of our customers. We attach particular importance to the quality of our ingredients and use different types of semolina such as durum wheat, wholemeal, original spelt and organic semolina to ensure that our pasta always meets the highest standards.

Our special recipes are designed to meet the needs of our customers and give their dishes a unique flavour.

Pasta is an important part of our diet and is highly valued in many cuisines around the world. Not only are they versatile and flavourful, they are also relevant to health. Our pasta products are designed to emphasise this importance as a staple food and offer you high-quality options for your meals. We are proud to be part of your culinary journey and are pleased to offer you a wide range of pasta products that will enhance your cooking.

Our distribution is both national and international. In Switzerland, we supply the food retail trade and the catering industry. We also export our products worldwide.

Foto: Anja Wurm, 7.9.2023, Pasta Premium AG
Foto: Anja Wurm, 7.9.2023, Pasta Premium AG

Our past, present and vision

It all began in 1858 with the founding of the Ernst company in Kradolf. Over the years, the pasta industry has seen many developments, takeovers and mergers. One of the most important events was the management buyout by Pasta Premium AG in 2004, which made it possible to take over the plant in Frauenfeld along with the entire team. Today, with a perfect combination of many years of experience and the latest technology, we are proud to serve our customers at home and abroad with high-quality Swiss pasta.

Visions of the future are important to us. Since 2019, our high-bay warehouse, which serves as a hub for materials and products, has been fully available. This storage area is central to ensuring a smooth production and distribution process.

Our latest initiative: The BSCHÜSSIG packaging made from 100% paper. Environmentally friendly and sustainable because we care about the future of our planet.

Raw materials and production

The quality of our pasta starts with the careful selection of raw materials. We rely on high-quality durum wheat semolina from the best growing regions in the world, fresh drinking water and eggs from guaranteed Swiss free-range farms. All steps, from dosing and moulding to drying, are carried out with precision and care.

Our production facility in Frauenfeld is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. This enables us to produce pasta of the highest quality and consistency. But despite advanced technology, people remain at the heart of everything we do. Our experts monitor the entire production process to ensure that every product that leaves our premises meets our high quality standards.

Foto: Anja Wurm, 7.9.2023, Pasta Premium AG
Foto: Anja Wurm

Factory outlet

In the Pasta Premium factory shop, a selection awaits you that will make every pasta lover's heart beat faster. Here you will find the exquisite Bschüssig pasta as well as products from our renowned brands BSCHÜSSIG, AMI and LA CHINOISE. Perfect for the Advent season, we offer original gift ideas, from the fun Bschüssig children's pasta to the fine rolled 3-egg specialities. We focus not only on taste, but also on quality and sustainability, as our 3-egg BSCHÜSSIG organic bud pasta proves. Complement your dish with our exclusive sauces, olive oil and spices. And for those who value gluten-free products, we also have a range ready.


Monday: closed.

Tuesday to Friday:
9:00 - 11:30 and 13:30 - 17:00

10:00 - 12:00

Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie in unserem Fabrikladen begrüssen zu dürfen und wünschen Ihnen eine wundervolle und besinnliche Festzeit!


"En Guete" with BSCHÜSSIG pasta!

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