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Premium rolled flat Tagliatelle nests, 6mm, porcino

BSCHÜSSIG's Tagliatelle Nests from the Premium line are the perfect choice for festive occasions. This narrow pasta is artfully arranged in nests and enchants the palate with its intense porcini mushroom flavour. Perfect with autumn dishes for an exclusive taste experience.

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Produktbezeichnung BSCHÜSSIG Premium Tagliatelle Nester gewalzt 6mm Steinpi3Ei(13.5%)K500g

Description3-Egg pasta with Swiss free-range eggs

Art. No.: 14190
Net weight: 500 g

Ingredients: HartWEIZENgriess, EIER 13.5 % (CH) aus Freilandhaltung, Steinpilzgranulat (6 %)

Allergens contained: GLUTEN and EGGS. It may contain traces of SOY

Preparation: 5-7 min
Nutritional information: Ovo-lacto vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energie 1460 / 350 kJ/kcal
Fett 3.0 g
thereof saturated fatty acids <1 g
Carbohydrates 63 g
thereof sugar <1 g
Dietary fibre 7 g
Protein 15 g
Salt <0.5 g

One portion corresponds to 80 g.

Minimum shelf life from production: 720 days
Storage conditionProtect noodles: from excessive humidity, from high and low temperatures, from light and heat, and from the sun.
direct sunlight, from odour-intensive substances such as spices, coffee or detergents

Country of production: Switzerland
Primary packaging: Paper
Secondary packaging: Cardboard
Certifications: IFS Food
Creation date data sheet: 06.11.2023

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Bag, box of 8 bags


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